Thomas Cromwell

A one-hour taster into the career of Henry VIII’s second right-hand man, Thomas Cromwell.

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Thomas Cromwell’s life has gripped millions through Hilary Mantel’s bestselling tomes.

If you’re looking for a shorter summary that reviews the life, loves, and legacy of the man who changed the political and religious shape of England forever, this is the book for you.

Born a lowly brewer’s boy, Cromwell, rose swiftly through the ranks to become Henry VIII’s right-hand man, taking the place of the fellow commoner, Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

One of the most influential figures in Tudor history, he was the architect of England’s break with the Roman Catholic Church and the dissolution of the monasteries. He helped usher in Anne Boleyn and engineered her execution.

He used his principles, ingenuity and covert skills to extract England from a millennium of remote Roman rule. He fanned the flames of religious revolution to root out corruption and laid out the foundations for England’s constitutional, rather than absolute, monarchy.

He reshaped England’s history for good. He was not just a thug, not just a zealous Protestant, he was Thomas Cromwell remaker of this realm.

In this book, you will learn:

  • His early life
  • His time on the Italian peninsula and the Low Countries
  • His involvement with Wolsey’s legacy project
  • The dissolution of the monasteries
  • The relationship with Anne Boleyn
  • The relationship with Henry VIII
  • His role in the English Reformation
  • His negotiations with the papacy and Catholic church<
  • His dealings with Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Cranmer
  • Arranging the marriage to Anne of Cleves
  • His influence of economic policy and alms for the poor
  • His role in government as Henry’s chief minister

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