Elizabeth I The Princess

A one-hour taster into the early life of Queen Elizabeth I before her accession to the throne.

Elizabeth I Biography One Hour ReadBuy Now on AmazonGood Queen Bess, Elizabeth I, was anointed monarch over England and Ireland in the first month of 1559.

Until her death in 1603, the fifth and final Tudor to hold the throne, she was a brilliant queen who impressed both the English and the rest of the world.

Most stellar performers of this calibre quickly burn out, but Elizabeth still shines brightly almost five centu-ries later, and it’s not a mystery why.

She ruled for four and a half decades over a kingdom that had been beset by years of troubles, bringing a more pragmatic and steadying hand to the helm.

Her English navy humiliated the Spanish Armada and explored the four corners of the globe. During the Elizabethan era, William Shakespeare penned many of his famous plays and poet Edmund Spencer scribbled epic, fantastical verse about ‘The Faerie Queene’.

In a position of incredible power, she was courted by a string of princes and nobleman, but Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen had only one true love—the people of England.

This book covers

  • Princess Elizabeth arrives
  • The King’s Disappointment
  • The downfall of her mother
  • The arrival of Jane Seymour
  • The death of Henry VIII
  • Thomas Seymour’s pursuit of Elizabeth
  • Elizabeth’s valuable lesson
  • Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day queen
  • Mary I is proclaimed queen
  • The Wyatt Rebellion
  • Elizabeth’s imprisonment and house arrest
  • Mary’s religious persecutions
  • Mary’s phantom pregnancy
  • Elizabeth’s succession

Why not spend an hour to educate and entertain yourself in the splendour and horror of the Tudor Dynasty.

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