Nikola Tesla

A one-hour taster into the magical world of the Nikola Tesla, the man of science and science fiction.

Buy Now on AmazonNikola Tesla. Was he the maestro or mad man of electrical wizardry? Often though of far behind Thomas Edison and Guglielmo Marconi, with a name more associated with cars than a scientist, what do you know about Tesla?

Noted for his staggering intellect, off-the-wall thoughts, and groundbreaking developments that changed the world, Tesla had a flair for science and the arts. He could also vaporise an investor’s sizeable capital injection in months, with nothing profitable to show for the often considerable outlay.

Credited with revolutionising the supply of electricity with his technical talent, he also left his hotel windows open so he could nurture pigeons on his sills.

In this book, you’ll learn about:

  • Tesla the man – an overview
  • The early years
  • Education from elementary school to university
  • Tesla’s early working life in Europe
  • Working with Edison in America
  • The War of the Currents and how it links to the execution of murderer William Kemmler and Topsy the circus elephant
  • The Columbian Exposition in Chicago
  • The Niagara project to light New York
  • Experiments at East Houston Street
  • Demonstrating the remote control boat
  • The move to Colorado Springs
  • The creation and collapse of the Wardenclyffe facility
  • Why Tesla ended up penniless, talking to pigeons
  • The pain of the Nobel prizes
  • The final years
  • Teleforce and the death ray
  • His work at the Hotel New Yorker
  • The death of Nikola Tesla
  • Tesla’s legacy

Tesla was an artist, working with his dreams, using electricity as his medium, not paint or clay. Like Leonardo, his charm was being a scientist with an artistic nature, and many scientists are still inspired by that.

Find out all this and more in just one hour.