Oliver Cromwell

A one-hour taster into Cromwell’s route from lowly puritan to Lord Protector

Buy Now on AmazonDividing popular opinion between fierce admiration or vehement loathing, Oliver Cromwell, the lowly East Anglian farmer went on to be offered the title of the King.

After his religious rebirth in the early 1630s, Cromwell went on to be guided by his Puritan religious beliefs convincing him he was enacting the will of God. That belief fuelled his propulsion to the head of the New Model Army and influential parliamentarian.

Focusing on Cromwell’s views and actions, you’ll read about his :

  • difficult start to life, becoming head of his father’s household at just eighteen
  • attempt to cure his melancholia fuelled his religious beliefs
  • rise to become an English Member of Parliament (MP)
  • thinking about King Charles I recalling parliament after eleven years of personal rule
  • part in the start of the First English Civil War
  • actions at the pivotal Battle of Marston Moor
  • response to the question of what to do with the king
  • anger about the Second English Civil War
  • involvement in the trial of Charles I
  • control of parliament after the king’s execution
  • struggles with conflicts between the army and parliament
  • rise to become Lord Protector of England, Ireland and Scotland
  • military campaign at Drogheda
  • the aftermath of his death and the restoration of the monarchy

From a nervous, novice MP, to a proven military leader, Cromwell, the ‘King Killer’ who went on to have many of the trappings of monarchy bestowed reluctantly upon him, remains a leading name in British history.

Find out all this and more in just one hour.

Find out all this and more in just one hour.